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Updated: Jul 21

The United States has many one of a kind destinations to explore. The question may come to mind of the current hot spots we have due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Let's address the elephant on the blog per say. The question presented is, "can I travel safely during the pandemic?" The answer is complicated. In my own opinion nothing is 100 percent safe. I personally followed the guidelines and masked up, washed my hands like normal, and carried on with the mindset that I could infect someone's loved one. There were many people following guidelines and many people who did not, I did what was best for me while in New Orleans.

New Orleans is a stew pot with a delicious blend of Creole cuisine, a celebration of life and death, filled with annual celebrations and festivals featuring distinct music. The flavor of the city is the French Quarter, known for its Spanish and French Creole architecture and cuisine. Top off your evening on Bourbon street full of vibrant nightlife.

At the time New Orleans was somewhat of the city I remembered from my last visit. Although there weren't as many the street performers there were some. Showing signs of new life the pedicab drivers, locals and tourists still peppered the streets with enthusiasm. The restaurants still bring the delicious staples of gumbo, etouffee, and various versions of bread pudding arecopen and welcoming. With all that in mind, why New Orleans?

New Orleans is one of my favorite places to visit down south. The city offers a perfect blend of being a traveler and a tourist. One of the most relaxing places to stay and visit is the Garden district. From cottages to grand mansions all lined with beautiful lush greenery you immerse yourself in its quiet and beauty. The district is close to the French Quater, Canal Street, and upstate shopping area. Everything is reachable by street car, lyft, or by car. I would not recommend walking to those three destinations as every big city has an element of danger and safety is key.

If you are looking for an element of danger or general spookiness try a ghost tour in the French Quarter. New Orleans is steeped in history and you can find it in the stories provided on a walking tour with the local guide. I have taken multiple tours No Secrets Tours with Roger as our guide has been the best. I took this walking haunted tour and found our tour guide to be very knowledgeable with a deep understanding of New Orleans past. No gimmicks, no frills of random person trying to scare you, but friendly and intellectual fun.

This company offers multiple tours afrom food and cocktails to the full cultural experience! Don't miss out!

When it comes down to culinary experience New Orleans has a wealth of it to offer. This is the moment you can break away and be a traveler. Personally I like asking the folks who live there where they like to dine out. I will make an honorable mention of a couple of places as I feel tours and culinary adventures should have it's own blog spot. First up is Pier 424 Seafood Market pricey and delicious tourist spot on Bourbon street. The food is flavorful and the charbroiled oysters are delivered fresh on the spot. The drink menu can cross all palettes with the strength to knock you down and flavor not to notice until it is too late. Travel to northern Italy with the more than appetizing resturant The Italian Barrel. The Owner invites you to their home in Verona, Italy with fresh ingredients to dazzle your taste buds! Last mention is Magazine pizza with it's quick delivery of fresh food met with fantastic quality. Sometimes you don't feel like going out after a full day and just want a 10pm indulgence. I suggest the shrimp and crawfish pizza with blanco sauce and extra cheese, it is decadence wrapped in a box.

When you are looking for what to do or where to go for a great escape, head to New Orleans. Not sure where to stay or what to do? Talk with your Travel Advisor at no extra cost to you.


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